Jafra open  a kindergarten in Khan al shieh  south Damascus

Jafra Foundation opened a kindergarten for children in Khan al shieh , southern  Damascus .The kindergarten serves  90 children, distributed in 4 classes , also Jafra kindergarten provided  eight jobs for area residents (Director and seven teachers)

Jafra Foundation also  distributed school  bags,  stationery , school uniform and  clothing, add to that a daily meal for each students .

The kindergarten adapts the Syrian curriculum taught at the official Syrian Arab Republic schools, in addition to organizing recreational and artistic activities for children

Jafra child program  coordinator Majed  al shabani  stressed that opening the kindergarten was necessary due to the absence of any other kindergarten in the camp and that jafra  has always sought to capture and meet  all the child’s needs in its programs

It is noteworthy that Jafra has other free—charge  educational projects in Khan al shieh  for students of elementary , junior high , high school students .

Khan  el shieh camp is  25 km from the capital, Damascus, and has a  population of 30 thousand people