Jafra organize artistic and recreational activities for children at Qudsayya  center

Jafra Foundation organized artistic and recreational activities for children at its children friendly space , Qudsayya.

Jafra children friendly spaces ( CFS )  includes  40 young men and women volunteers , and its where most of the activities are held .

CFS activities include  sport, drawing handicrafts, theater,  and Dabke on Fridays  and Saturday s of each week taking into consideration  school days .

The activities fall within Jafra  psychological support program, where group  activities help in  promoting  team spirit among children

In a related context, the center continuous awareness campaigns on various topics for children and parents within the education and protection project  for  all classes and educational courses

The population of the town of Qudsaya with Aldahh is nearly  600,000 people, including about 100 thousand Palestinians displaced from the Yarmouk refugee camp last year