Workshop on Project Management in Homs  refugee camp

Jafra   Foundation Youth Development Centre  held  a workshop on  development project  management  and management mechanism.

The Seven-days  workshop   ( 22-29 \ 2 \ 2016)  was attended by 20 volunteers.

The workshop was  presented by Dr. Hesham hadeed   Jafra coordinator in Homs.

The  course aimed to develop   the volunteers  skills of and to  give  them the knowledge and expertise needed to manage projects.

The session handled several topics , such as the project life cycle, risk management,   Stakeholder  analysis.

It offers Youth Development Center Foundation’s Jafra services for young people in order to save space to ensure community participation and provide adequate opportunities for their development and scientific and professional knowledge.

And set up a center of several workshops and exercises and activities during the past year and the number of beneficiaries of the center totaled 300 young \ him in 2015.

And Homs refugee camp ensures that about 37,000 people 60% of them displaced from surrounding areas.

And set up the camp in 1948, one of the official camps registered with the Syrian government