Jafra Naji Al-Ali Center  holds a course in modern methods of education in Homs

Jafra Foundation for Relief and Youth Development  Naji Al-Ali Center Homs camp organize session for the educational staff  under the title “modern teaching methods and technology education.”

25 teachers of elementary and junior high classes at the center attended the workshop  which shall last for three months

“Rana Hassan” Dr. in Education technology  who lectured in the session confirmed that she could feel the staff  great motivation to learn and apply modern methods in their classes

The course aims to develop the skills of teachers  such as explaining the lessons , preparing  the studying plan, managing of classroom environment

The session also tackled  the introduction of modern education  methods  into classes , such as using the Internet and examples display.

It is noteworthy that the number of elementary school and junior high students in the center is over  550 students

The center includes other activities psychological support and awareness campaigns and artistic activities for children