Jafra open  intensive educational courses in Jaramana camp

Jafra  Foundation in Jaramana Camp opened   intensive courses for  elementary   and high school certificates students  program.

The program  includes  various classes of educational materials, and  is currently benefiting about 90 students of different social strata.

The Three- moths- program aims  to prepare students and support them to succeed in their exams.

Teachers are mostly  experience  university students residents  in the camp.

Every month , Jafra  center offers scientific support  450 students  both IDPs and local residents .

Jaramana camp located east of the city of Damascus, and has  7,000 displaced families from areas of southern Damascus.

Schools of  Jaramana camp  were turned into sheltering centers  due to high IDPs fleeing their homes and taking shelter in Jaramana camp.
Jafra Foundation seeks to secure the right to education for all students, and in this framework Jafra  provided various educational services in its centers (extra courses, language courses, intensive courses) for 7,200 students during 2015