June Newsletter

Global Giving Campaign
This month, Jafra Foundation launched its Global Giving Campaign “Rebuilding Palestinian Livelihoods in Yarmouk Camp”. Once the “Capital of Diaspora”, Yarmouk Camp was home to 260,000 Palestinians, and a further 700,000 Syrians before the crisis. More recently the camp has all but been destroyed except for a few small pockets that can be rehabilitated with your support. Palestinians who were forced to migrate from Yarmouk are highly motivated to return to the camp and begin the rebuilding and reconstruction. The Global Giving project aims to raise much-needed funds for displaced Palestinians returning to Yarmouk; providing relief and the means to help people get back on their feet and begin the process of rebuilding their homes and their once vibrant community. For as little at $15 you can support this effort.
You can donate to this project here: https://bit.ly/2lnyVIm

Spotlighting the Rehabilitation and Return of Civilians to Yarmouk
Jafra Foundation Director, Wesam Sabaaneh has been advocating publicly for the return of civilians to Yarmouk Camp in Syria and providing the necessary means to rehabilitate and rebuild the once flourishing camp. Appearing on ‘Palestine Today’s’ program ‘Sabah Falestine’, Wesam spoke at length about the provisions for return and the necessary steps required by all vested parties and stakeholders to ensure social cohesion, reinstate public infrastructure and ensure ‘life’ can return to normal. There is an urgency to come together and gather to work collaboratively in the absence of any plan in motion from governing bodies pertaining to the return of displaced Palestinians to their rightful homes. Asserting that the GAPAR (General Authority for Palestinian Arab Refugees) should be the only recognized authority for the rights of Palestinians allows a clear plan of action and representation within Syria for those most in need. Jafra Foundation and Wesam maintain adamantly that areas of Yarmouk are available and ready to be rehabilitated and more importantly, those displaced are ready to unite to rebuild for a sustainable future. For more information on our efforts, see the Jafra Foundation and Global Giving campaign “Rebuilding Palestinian Livelihoods in Yarmouk”
You can watch the full interview here: https://bit.ly/2Kl00qu

The Return of Life to Yarmouk
Historically Palestinian people are resilient and self-sustaining. The planning stages of rehabilitating Yarmouk Camp is proof of this. With resources and support, Palestinian civilians in Yarmouk and waiting to return to Yarmouk, are ready to begin to remove traces of the recent destruction and rebuild their small communities little by little. Long term, with private donations, INGO support and most importantly the support of the GAPAR and Government of Syria, displaced civilians from Yarmouk will return and rebuild their communities to a functional level again. Recently, Jafra Foundation complied compelling images for a video to publicly highlight the destruction in the camp in support of our Global Giving campaign “Rebuilding Palestinian Livelihoods in Yarmouk”. Jafra Foundation will continue to advocate for the protection and support of these civilians now and for the long term.
You can watch the full video here: https://bit.ly/2tpQn3m

Spotlight on Syria Programming and Projects
Recently Jafra Foundation staff Hassan Shaban and Majd Shaba’ani appeared on Syrian State TV and spoke at length about the programming and projects Jafra Foundation implements in Palestinian camps and gatherings in Syria. During the morning program, Hassan detailed Jafra’s beginnings and vision and mission of the organization. He highlighted some of the challenges that have been overcome and our focus on youth projects, helping to empower youth and develop sustainable futures. Majd, Jafra Foundation’s Child Protection and Psycho-social Support Manager explained the importance of support and programming for children in times of war and conflict. Majd shared some of her first-hand knowledge and experience about the difficulties in programming for at-risk and vulnerable children, drawing special attention to the positive impact Jafra Foundation projects and safe spaces have had in our long history of work inside Syria.
You can watch the full interview here:https://bit.ly/2yHqGjI

Expanding our Programmatic Reach in Lebanon
Jafra Foundation for Relief and Youth Development has recently secured a local registration as a Civil Society Organization in Lebanon. With this registration comes key stakeholder meetings with the individuals and organizations whom support the livelihoods and wellbeing of those residing in Palestinian Camps and gatherings. These meetings are held in order to assess the humanitarian situation to best target our programming, filling the gaps, and not duplicating work.

In line with this process, Jafra is sourcing suitable sites for a funded project targeting Child Protection and Non-formal Education activities slated to start 1 August. Jafra is looking at both completed and soon to be completed buildings within Palestinian Camps and gatherings; buildings safe for children and large enough for child-focused and child-led activities. Jafra’s priorities to target and implement directly with a focus on children has a positive knock-on effect for the whole of the community. In all projects, Jafra Foundation will actively adhere to our mandated Child Protection Standards ensuring we carry out our work with integrity and in line with universal standards of protection and treatment for all children.

Food Preservation in Qudsaya
Over the last month, Jafra Foundation has been directly implementing a vocational training and livelihoods project focusing on food preparation and preservation in Qudsaya, Syria. Targeting 30 beneficiaries, the project has helped to train and educate households about the importance of keeping food fresh, preserved and edible. Meeting three times per week, the group actively participates in three hour workshops. So far, the trainer has helped beneficiaries learn how to preserve various fruit and vegetables as well as some meat products. In the next component of the training, beneficiaries will learn about the pickle and jam industry as well as preservation. Jafra Foundation actively supports projects and the development of relevant curriculum, empowering communities to support themselves and their households for longer-term sustainable futures.

Palestine Through Photography: 70 Years after the Nakbah
Taking center stage in Downtown Beirut, the “Palestine Through Photography: 70 Years after the Nakbah”, photo exhibition is an outdoor gallery featured as part of the Beirut Spring Festival. The contemporary photo exhibition sheds light on a diverse, creative, resilient and luminous Palestine. Featuring a range of beautifully captured images, the exhibition is an opportunity for the public to engage in the Palestinian identity shaped by the Nakbah. Jafra Foundation are pleased that public awareness for the Nakbah is still being spread 70 years on, as we continue to fight for our Right to Return.

Jafra Foundation Volunteer Profile
Marwa Hassan Mohammed is a Jafra Foundation volunteer working in Community Awareness:
“Since the crisis broke out it has taken a heavy toll on my family and I. We no longer had the economic security we once had and it became a matter of survival. Our home has been damaged, our dreams reimagined and our community torn apart. My first love has always been the arts and specifically painting, creating sculptures and small handicraft projects. Not willing to give up on this passion despite the war, heartbreak and destruction going on around us, I looked for ways I could still express myself through art. Finding the opportunity to volunteer with Jafra Foundation has opened new doors for me. I now work with children, teaching programs in art and helping others to express themselves creatively. Whilst I will never abandon my dream of a career in the arts, I have taken so much pride in the skills I have developed and the work I am doing that I know truly helps others around me. I have become a better person through helping others and sharing my own passions and creativity”.