July Newsletter

Rebuilding Palestinian Livelihoods in Yarmouk

Last month Jafra Foundation launched our project in partnership with GlobalGiving “Rebuilding Palestinian Livelihoods in Yarmouk”. The project successfully aligned with Jafra Foundation’s advocacy for the peaceful return of Palestinian civilians and rehabilitation to minimally damaged areas of Yarmouk, following the military offensive on the camp in May. The offensive resulted in thousands of families being displaced to rural areas of Syria and nearby South Damascus. Through close consultation with those displaced, Jafra identified the immediate needs and aided in a plan to return. We are pleased to report that we have so far successfully raised almost $6000 USD from 45 unique donors. These donations have already provided an opportunity for families to meet their most basic needs and begin the process of rebuilding their homes in Yarmouk. We take the opportunity to sincerely thank those who generously donated. You can still donate to the project through the below link. Jafra Foundation continues to support and advocate for return to Yarmouk, hoping to raise $50,000 in total.


Partnership with GlobalGiving

This month Jafra Foundation became a recognized partner with GlobalGiving. “GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting non-profits, donors, and companies in nearly every country. GlobalGiving helps non-profits from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (and hundreds of places in between) to access the tools, training, and support they need to be more effective and make our world a better place”. Through this partnership, Jafra Foundation has unlimited access on the GlobalGiving platform to raise money to improve the livelihoods of Palestinians globally. Our most recent project “Rebuilding Palestinian Livelihoods in Yarmouk” is one such example of a successful project launched through our recognized partnership. This project is still accepting funds and can be accessed here: https://goto.gg/33745. Jafra Foundation is currently preparing our next project, targeting Palestinian refugees in Greece. You can access the Globa Giving website to explore all their partners and projects through the below link:


Agricultural Project in South Damascus, Syria

This summer, Jafra Foundation provided 100 households the opportunity to participate in an agricultural project in South Damascus. The project targeted small scale farmers with some background in agriculture with the objective of producing a household crop to support their livelihoods and generate a form of income. During the course of the project, Jafra provisioned the distribution of land, seasonal seeds, irrigation, water and the necessary training required to achieve a successful yield of tomatoes and cucumbers. The project successfully engaged the beneficiaries and provided farmers a forum to engage with others involved in the project, allowing them to share best practice and plan for the possibility of future winter crops.

Summer Clubs for Children in Jaramana, Syria

This summer, children in Jaramana began two months of summer clubs offered to children aged between 5 and 15  participating in a wide range of recreational activities, keeping them engaged and active during their break from school. Some of the activities on offer this year include arts and craft, singing, dancing, football, music performances and drama. Jafra Foundation has been coordinating these activities for many years, drawing on the skills and expertise of our staff and volunteers. The same summer clubs are replicated in all areas we work to ensure cohesion and local community engagement. Jafra continues to empower communities and create hope.

We Empower Communities, We Create Hope

Over the last several months, Jafra Foundation has been working collaboratively to redesign our logo and an organizational rebranding. The process has been carried out in-house after recognizing our own development and growth over the last ten years of operation. In the field, our staff and volunteers have a strong attachment to our logo and the symbolism our logo represents. Through careful consideration and drafting, we are now pleased to begin using our uplifted logo and begin implementing our rebranding publicly, including a new colour palette. Our priorities remain the same, our commitment to our people remains unchanged but we have significantly grown as an organization since our humble beginnings, and this is reflected in our slogan; “We empower communities, we create hope”. Over the coming months, we look forward to sharing with you our new uplifted logo through external communications.

Jafra Foundation Director visits Greece:

This month, Jafra Foundation director Wesam Sabaaneh visited Greece where Jafra has been carrying out and implementing a wide range of programming and projects ranging from emergency response to cultural sustainability. During the visit, Wesam met with volunteers and staff to talk about and plan for new projects in Athens and other parts of Greece. The Jafra Center in Greece has experienced significant growth since 2017 and works to replicate the structure and support offered to Palestinian refugees in other parts of the world Jafra operates. Refugees in Greece have experienced significant hardships integrating into new communities in Europe and require a different level of psycho-social support and care in beginning their new lives in Europe. The Jafra Center here has provided opportunities in language, photography, screen-printing, computer skills and other vocational courses that aid and assist in up-skilling refugees and also allowing them to build communities and support one another. In the upcoming months, Jafra will launch a new project in Greece utilizing the Global Giving platform to raise funds from private donations. We look forward to updating you about this project in our next newsletter. You can follow the projects Jafra Foundation implements in Greece through their facebook page: