December Newsletter

Safe Space for the Child to Play

After two months from joining the psychological support sessions organized by Jafra Foundation, Jana was able to get rid of her shyness and started sharing her toys with friends.  In some of the activities, Jana had an enjoyable interaction with the supervisors.

Throughout its development programmes, Jafra realized the importance of the several stages that children experience during their growth until adolescence, especially that some of the youngsters were deprived of enjoying their childhood to the fullest, due to the challenging conditions of the war. At one end of the spectrum, some children were able to overcome the war’s effects, whereas others are striving to combat it. The conflictual circumstances might affect their behavior, necessitating some time for complete recuperation.

In such cases, the foundation is keen on providing opportunities to the children in order to develop their self-confidence. In parallel, an award is offered to a child, each time an integration successfully takes place.

Fulfilling the Ambition of an Undergraduate Study

“Many people have completed their education at adulthood; they have realized that education is not restricted to a certain age, and that ambition could be fulfilled through care and effort”.

This intervention was made by Ms. Samar, who is now seeking to pursue a high school diploma by joining the secondary school classes at Jafra Educational Center, in order to realize her long-delayed dream of studying philosophy at the university, as she was caught up in leading a busy life and having children.

Jafra Educational Centers serve many women like Ms. Samar, wishing to accomplish their educational aspirations, with proven track records.

One of the educational supervisors at those centers confirmed that “it is possible for adults to learn similar to young students, and that the learning process is like a train which stops at all stations; it depends on the individual if he’s willing to catch it and embark upon a journey “.

Painting Therapy

Ahmed lost his father several years ago during the conflict in Homs, central Syria. During the psychosocial support (PSS) session, Ahmed painted on paper a wizard, so that he can bring back his father, who he had never known except through a picture hanging on the wall.

Jafra Foundation thoroughly takes into consideration the particular psychological conditions of children and is keen on assisting them in expressing their emotions, since youngsters resort to communication approaches different from those pursued by adults.

According to the latest UN statistics, more than 1 million children in Syria have lost one or both parents due to the war.

Many of them still live without support.

Courses to Improve Work Performance

In an effort to improve the performance of its team, Jafra Foundation enabled 23 of its volunteers coming from all its centers across Syria, to undergo a workshop in order to study and analyze community needs.

The main objective was to increase the effectiveness of field projects through learning participatory research methods, community-based methodologies and research tools such as questionnaires, focused group discussions, semi-structured interviews, among an assortment of other techniques.

Throughout the training, groups were formed to examine the needs pertained to the foundation’s various areas of work. In parallel, the groups carried out a simplified simulation on how information should be gathered and structured.

Let’s Give Them Hope

According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, “Children with special needs should enjoy a full and decent life, in conditions that ensure dignity, promote self-reliance and facilitate the child’s active participation in the community”.

Under the slogan of “Let’s Give Them Hope”, Jafra Foundation was invited by the UNRWA Community Development Centre, to attend a ceremony for the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Three Years of Volunteering for the Jafra Team in Greece

By the end of 2018, the Jafra volunteer team in Greece had entered the third year in providing services and offering courses to refugees who have settled in camps across Athens and couldn’t get into Northern Europe.

During the year of 2018, more than 100 students of various nationalities, benefited from educational programs. In the last month of the year, the team at Jafra was able to organize several courses such as the basics of painting via simple and distinctive exercises. All the artworks performed in the workshop will be displayed at a special art exhibition in Palestine; the dates will be announced at a later stage.