Inauguration of Handala Center in Greece

Jafra Foundation in Greece continues offering trainings and various activities. On Wednesday, Handala Center for Heritage was inaugurated. The Center exhibits Palestinian heritage handcraft products in addition to the works accomplished by guys who have just finished photography course.

The Foundation, furthermore, has recently held a first aid training at the Cultural Forum in Athens, in cooperation with the Medical Volunteers International. Over 26 refugees have participated in the training as they were introduced to the resuscitation right methods, dealing with emergencies at home and tips related to health and public hygiene.

28 persons has got benefit from the photography course held at Bab El-Shams center creating an atmosphere of creativity and friendly competition to insist that 105 days were not in vain.

On the Palestinian Land Day remembrance, Jafra volunteers held a set of events including teaching a group of youngsters how to design a Palestinian flag. Flags fabricated by these youngsters were displayed in Athene streets and squares.

As far as relief is concerned, refugees in Greece are facing a serious suffering, in particular after the government’s latest decision to stop financial and housing aid. This has prompted Jafra to launch a relief campaign to help refugees prior to Ramadan. The campaign is targeting over 2500 refugee families in Athene offering them food and hygiene baskets (the cost of a single basket is 14.5 Euro).