About Us

Who We Are

logo22Jafra Foundation for Relief and Youth Development (Jafra) is a non-partisan, secular, community-based organization based in Damascus, Damascus Governorate, and Homs, Homs Governorate.

Officially founded in 2002 inside Yarmouk Camp, Jafra had over nine years of experience in youth capacity development prior to its re-launch in 2012 in which it was revitalized by a grassroots community effort to respond to the urgent needs caused by the conflict in Syria.

With active branches in Palestinian refugee camps and gatherings in Syria, including Khan Eshieh Camp, Jaramana Camp, Homs Camp and Qudsaya Gathering, Jafra provides relief and service provision to those most vulnerable families inside these locations. Jafra also offers programs and services in other Damascus neighborhoods and Rural Damascus Governorates.

Jafra is led by twenty key staff members, distributed across geographic areas of operation in Syria, who guide the working efforts of six hundred volunteers.

What We Do

In operating twelve Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) and alternative education centres, Jafra volunteers provide psycho-social support, hygiene and nutritional awareness sessions. Recreational and extracurricular activities compliment educational support services in all locations, creating safe spaces for children to play and learn.

Extensive Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) activities are spread throughout all locations, including emergency water trucking, solid waste management, water infrastructure rehabilitation, water purification services and hygiene kit provision.

Jafra is among the lead providers of food baskets inside our locations, specifically impacting the lives of thousands of children and women inside Syria.

Implementation of agricultural projects for community viability in times of crisis, and organized training complement Jafra’s long standing youth development initiatives.

Where We Work

In 2016, Jafra succeeded in reaching 6 Palestinian camps and gatherings. Operating in both government and opposition controlled areas, visibly and officially as a civil society foundation, Jafra supported more than 500,000 people with humanitarian assistance and services. Jafra Foundation now works in the following locations, located in Damascus and Homs Governorates, uplifting and supporting the lives of families directly impacted by the conflict:

  • Homs Camp
  • Qudsaya Gathering
  • Khan Eshieh Camp
  • Jaramana Camp
  • South Damascus suburbs of Yelda, Babilla, and Beit Sahem