Regarding that Jafra Foundation had raised from communities of Palestinian camps, beside encountering circumstances of war, Jafra team is concerned with advocating human rights of Palestinian people inside Syria as well as Syrian people residing inside Palestinian camps. Thus, Jafra Foundation presents advocacy statements illustrating the dire life conditions that people in Syria are living in to actors and agencies who can provide assistance.

Jafra Foundation, since its inception in 2003, has taken on the responsibility of developing the youth inside Palestinian camps across Syria. As volunteers hail from these camps, humanitarian issues of concern are often highlighted by these same volunteers. In their work, they have advocated for the human rights of those civilians living inside the Palestinian camps and gatherings of Syria. Numerous advocacy campaigns have been started by Jafra Foundation volunteers including:

Save Yarmouk – advocating for the end of the siege on Yarmouk and to enter food and medical supplies into the area, after 174 people starved to death due to the acute shortage in food and health care caused by months of full military siege.

One Drop Campaign – highlighting the cut of water, or imposed drought inside Palestinian camps in Syria, particularly Yarmouk Camp where residents are forced to rely on polluted underground water.

Black Day of Yarmouk – drawing the attention of the international community towards the dire conditions of Palestinian Syrians primarily, as well as commemorating the 3rd anniversary of Yarmouk Camp plight in December 16, 2012, to be observed on the Palestinian national calendar as the day when thousands of families left their camp due to the regime’s MiG attack on a mosque and shelter inside the camp which caused the death of about 200 civilians with tens more injured.

Press Releases on Hard-to-Reach and besieged areas illustrating the critical situation of civilians residing inside Palestinian camps and gatherings in Syria to the international community as a means of calling for provision of urgent assistance and solidarity. In April 2015, the Beirut support team reported daily updates on the situation in Yarmouk Camp as ISIS seized large portions of the camp; daily updates were published on a number of media sites, interviews both on the radio and television were conducted with Jafra management. Jafra’s advocacy incentivized the international community for emergency distribution and response to provide assistance to those displaced. In addition, during 2015, Jafra was able to publish a number of press releases regarding the humanitarian situation in Qudsaya, South Damascus, and generally about the situations of Palestinian Syrians still living inside Syria. Jafra plans, in 2016, to continue its advocacy for all Palestinian Syrians trapped inside Syria.